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Step Sheets

Palomino Stroll
Party Like Cowboys - Video
Peace Love and Horses

People Are Crazy  - Video
Perfect Remedy - Video

Picnic Polka - Video

Please Come Back - Video
Please Stay Home; Video

Poker Face
Por Ti Sere

Pot of Gold - Video
Power Jam - Video
Private Affair - Video
Put the Gun Down

Quarter After One; Video

Quarter After One Beginner
Quiero - Video

Rain Against My Window
Rainy Day Bells

Razor Sharp - Video
Ready to Roll - Video
Rebel Amor - Video
Rebel Just For Kicks - Video

Rebound - Video
Red Bandana
Red Hot Salsa - Video
Redneck Angel - Video
Rednex Stomp
Red Solo Cup -  Video
Red White & Blue Strut

Reggae Cowboy
Reggae Roads
Repercussions - Video
Rhythm - Video

Ride Away - Video

Riding Double - Video
Rio; Video
Rio De Amor
Rita's Waltz

Rivers of Babylon
Rock and Roll Cowboy Contra
Rock and Roll Music - Video

Rock & Roll King - Video

Rock Around the Clock - Video
Rocket to The Sun - Video

Rock It (Baby Likes to . . ) - Video
Rock It (Julia) - Video

Rockin - Video
Rock Paper Scissors - Video
Rock Your Body - Video
Rolling in the Deep

Rose From the Sea

Rose Garden - Video
Rum 'N' Coca Cola

Runaround Sue - Video
Runaway - Video

Russian Roulette

S.B.S. (Shuffle Boogie Soul); Video
Saddle Up Shawty
Sadie's Dress - Video

Say Grace
School Days

Scrap It!
Seasons - Video

Senorita La-La-La  - Video

Senorita Sway - Video
Sexy Cha-Cha
Sexy Night

Shake It Off - Video
Shake the Room - Video
She Bangs ​ - Video
She Loves Me
Shoop - Video
Shotgun Jenny; Video

Shot of Tequila; Video

Shuttin Detroit Down

Silent Night EZ

Silver Lining - Video
Simple As Can Be - Video

Simplemente - Video

Simply The Best - Video

Singalong Song
Skiffle Time - Video

Slappin Leather - Video
Slowly Gently Softly - Video

Slow Rain
So Just Dance Dance Dance - Video
Someday, Someway
Something in the Water  - Video
Somewhere in My Car
Soul Shake - Video

Soul Shine Pizza

South of The Border; Video

Spicy Tango Del Rio

Squeeze Me, Tease Me . . . - Video

Stay Inside Stay Alive; Video

Stay Strong - Video

Stealing the Best - Video

Still Love Me Tomorrow - Video
Stitches - Video
Stomp Down - Video

Stomp Like Hell

Storybook Endings - Video
Strait Cha - Video

Stray Cat Strut - Video
Stroll Along Cha Cha - Video
Stuck Like Glue; Video
Such A Fool


Sugar, Sugar - Video

Summer Sway - Video

Summertime Roll - Video

Summer Wind
Sun and Snow

Sundown Waltz - Video

Sun Will Rise - Video

Superman - Video

Supersonic Dancer

Surf's Up
Survive; Video

Sway Me Now pg1
Sway Me Now pg2
Sweet Caroline  - Video

Sweeter Than Molasses
Sweetheart Schottische pg 1
Sweetheart Schottische pg 2
Sweet Nothing - Video

Swingin' Home

Swingin in the Rain; Video
Swing Time Boogie

Tahoe Twist (Fireman) - Video
Tailgate - Video
Take It Easy ​ - Video
Take Me Down

Take Me To The River​ - Video

Tango Cha
Tell The World - Video
Ten Rounds  - Video
Ten Step; Video
Texas Time - Video

T.G.I.F. - Video

Thanks A Lot
That Ceiling Feeling

(The) Ant's Dance - Video

(The) Bite
(The) Bomp - Video
(The) Bull - Video

(The) Cowboy
(The) Flute - Video
(The) Hotdog Boogie; Video
Them Girls
(The) Picnic Polka - Video

(The) Sailors Hornpipe - Video

These Old Boots - Video

(The) Voice of Soul
(The) Walk - Video
They Call Me The Breeze - Video

Thinking of You - Video

This is God's Country

Thousands of Songs
Through the Fire
Throw Away The Key - Video
Throw Back Swing

Ticket to The Blues
Tik Tok Love - Video

Time to Surrender

Time To Swing; Video
Tina Time
Tired of Being Sorry
Toes - Video
Together Forever Valentine

To The Back
To The Moon - Video

Touchy - Video

Tough Love - Video
Trailer Chicks
Triple J; Video
Troubadour - Video

Trust Me; Video
Tulsa Shuffle; Video
Tumbleweed - Video

Turn Me Loose - Video
Tush Push - Video
Twisted Sister
Twist Twist Twist
Two Step Rescue
Two Timing Man

Unchain My Heart - Video
Under the Moon of Love
Under The Sun - Video
Uno, Dos, Tres - Video
Until Dawn

Until Good Gets Here - Video

Uptown Funk

Vanotek Cha - Video

Veneno - Video

VIP - Video

Voice of Soul (The)
Volcano (Dancin' With You) - Video
Voodoo Jive

Wagga Hooley

Wagon Wheel Rock - Video
Walk (The) - Video
Walk Alone
Walk the Line - Video
Walking Backwards Together - Video
Waltzing at Twilight
Wake Up Little Susie
Wakey Wakey
Wandering Hearts

Wanna Be Elvis
Watch It Burn
Watermelon Crawl - Video
Wave on Wave; Video
We Danced
Weekend Girl
Well Do Ya?
We No Speak Americano
We On Fire
We Only Live Once - Video
We Wanna Dance

What A Man Gotta Do - Video

When I'm 64

When I See You Again - Video

When You Smile - Video

When You Wish Upon A Star
Whiskey Bridges - Video

Whiskey in the Jar - Video
White Lollipop

Wild, Wild West - Video
Wild Fire

Wildflower; Video
Wish I Was

Without Fire - Video
Wonderful Spring
Wonderland Waltz - Video
Woo Woo

Workin' For a Livin
Work, Work

WOW Tokyo - Video
Wrong Side Slide
WTF-What The France

X Y Z 
Yankee Doodle Dandy

Yeah!  - Video

Yes You Won't

You Are My Sunshine - Video

You Don't Know Love

You Got That Thang!
You Look Good

Young Enough

Your Side of Town
You've Got What It Takes

Zing Went the Strings - Video

Zjozzy's Funk - Video

East to West 17 - Video

Easy Nights

Eighteen Lonely Months - Video
El Paso Cha Cha; Video
Electric Slide - Video
Elvira - Video
Eternal Secret
Even Looser
Ex's and Oh's - Video
Extreme Love
Eyes For You - Video

Fairy Tales & Love Songs . . . - Video

Faith, Hope and Love (LDF) - Video

Falling For You

Fall In Love

Fancy Footwork - Video

Fast Forward XX - Video
Fiesta Cha-Cha - Video
Final Fantasy

Finally Friday - Video
"Fireball" (Moving Hips)

Fire on Ice
Fireman (Tahoe Twist) - Video
Fishin' In the Dark - Video

Fitzpatrick's Reel - Video
Floor It - Video

Flowers - Video

(The) Flute - Video
Fly Like A Bird - Video
For The World - Video

For This Moment

Four on the Floor - Video
Frankie Fever - Video
Fresh Coat of Paint

Friday Night
Full Tilt Boogie; Video
Funky Slide - Video
Funnel - Video

Galway Girls - Video
Gambler's Tale (A)
Gentleman  - Video

Georgia Peach

Get Down the Fiddle - Video

Get It Right  - Video

Get Trashed
Get Wild - Video

Ghost Riders
Ghost Train - Video
Gin & Tonic - Video

Girl Crush
Girl Crush_Jones_Improver
Give It Away
Go Go Go Go
Go Jaded
God Blessed Texas
Goin' Hamm - Video
Good As You  - Video

Good Feelings - Video

Good News - Video

Good Time - Video
Good Time Girls - Video

Good Time Rock & Roll - Video
Go Shanty - Video

Got a Hole in My Pocket

Gotta Move; Video

Gravedigger  - Video
Great Balls of Fire
Groovy Love - Video

Gypsy Queen - Video

Half Past Nothin'  - Video
Half Past Tipsy - Video

Happy, Happy, Happy - Video

Hard Work
Havana Cha  - Video

Have You Ever Seen the Rain
Hawaiian Pearl - Video

Head in The Sky

Head Over Boots - Video
Heart of An Angel - Video

Hello Summertime - Video

Hell Yeah - Video
Here Comes Love
Here For a Good Time
Hey Girl - Video
Hey Mambo

Hey Senorita AB

Hey Stranger

Hey Rosalie

Hey Y'all - Video
Hi A Ma Cha
High Class
High Cotton - Video
Highway Number Nine
Hillbilly Dirty Dance
His Only Need
Hit the Floor
Holy Cowgirl
Home Again - Video

Homegrown - Video
Honey I'm Good
Honky Tonk Twist
Hootenanny - Video
Horseshoe - Video
Hot & Hazy

House Party
Hotdog Boogie (The); Video
Hurt Me Carefully
Husbands And Wives 
Husbands and Wives-partners
Hypnotized Cha

I Can't Unlove You

I Close My Eyes - Video

I Don't Look Good - Video
If I Wuz You - Video

If You Need Me - Video

I Know A Guy
I Like Beer

I Love a Rainy Night - Video

I Love Me Most - Video

I Love This Town
I'm A Tornado - Video
I'm No Good - Video
I'm Yours
In or Out

In The Navy

Ipanema Girl; Video
Irish Dream - Video

Irish Eyes Waltz - Video

Irish Polka - Video
Irish Pub EZ - Video

Irish Rock - Video

Irish Stew - Video
Irish to the Core - Video

I Run To You - Video

Is It Friday Yet? - Video
Islands In The Stream - Video
Isle of Paradise
I Still Believe​ - Video

It Ain't My Fault - Video

It's All About the 3 Steps - Video

It's Hard to Be A Hippie
I've Been Waiting For You  - Video

I've Got Mexico; Video

I Won't Back Down - Video

Jai' du Boogie; Video
Jailhouse Creole - Video
Jamaica Farewell; Video

Jerusalema - Video

Jingle Bell Rock
Jingle My Bells

Johnny Got A Boom Boom
Join the Queue
Jose Cuervo; Video
Jukebox Jump

Just Another Woman - Video

Just Dance - Video
Just For Fun - Video
Just Have Faith
Just in Case; Video

Just LeDoux It
Just Pretend

Kansas City; Video

Keep It Burnin
Kelly's Eye (Mucara Walk) - Video
Key Lime
Kickin' Back 2013
Killing Me Softly
Kinda Busy
Kleine Kinder Kleine Sorgen

Knockin' Boots


La Fiesta Cubana; Video

Larger Than Life
Lay Low - Video
Lean On Me - Video

Leaving of Liverpool - Video
Leaving On A Jet Plane - Video

Left Right Left
Let Freedom Ring - Video

Let It Swing

Let's Dance; Video

Let's Do The Rock

Let's Have A Party
Let The Good Times Roll

Let the Little Girl Dance

Like Coca Cola in Hollywood

Linda Lu - Video
Lindy Shuffle
Little Mr P.I.D.
Little Red Book
Little White Lies

Lonely Blues - Video

Lonely Drum - Video

Louisiana Hot Sauce
Louisiana Sailor; Video
Louisiana Swing
Love Ain't - Video

Love & Party
Love Done Gone-Baby Bubbles - Video
Love Like Thunder - Video

Love Me LIke You Do
Love Me or Leave Me - Video

Love Potion No. 9

Love Remains

Lover, Lover - Video
Love's Gonna Make It - Video
Love Will Keep - Video

Love You Forever
Love You Now - Video

Madhouse to The Max - Video
Madly Off in All Directions - Video
Magic Moment

Mairi's Wedding - Video

Make It Up
Making Waves
Mama & Daddy - Video

Mama Angels

Mama's Red Saloon

Mamma Maria; Video (Swing Into Spring); Video (Mamma Maria)

Mambo Rock - Video
Martini Time - Video
Maverick - Video
Me and My Gang
Merry Christmas

Midnight Rendevous-couples
Midnight Rendevous
Mike's Waltz

Miller Magic - Video
Miss Me More - Video

MMM Bop - Video
Mojo rhythm - Video
Momma, It's My Soul - Video

More Today Than Yesterday

Motorboatin'; Video
Move A Like
Moving Hips

Mr. In-Between
Mr. Mysterious
Mr Put It Down
Mr. Sandman (see Mr. Santa)

Mr. Santa

Mucara Walk (Kelly's Eye) - Video
Music to My Eyes - Video

My Maria
My Mother My Teacher My Friend

My New Life - Video

Nancy Mulligan - Video

Neutron Dance
Never Ever

New Orleans Music - Video

New York 2 LA
New York, New York - Video
No Excuses - Video

No News
No  Rhyme, No Reason - Video
North Hills Country Cha
Nothing But You - Video

Not Like That - Video
No Vacancies

Ocean to Ocean; Video

Oh Carol

Oh Me Oh My Oh - Video

OK (MRZ 2018)

Old Beach Roller Coaster - Video
Old Town Road; Video

O.M.D. (Oh My Darling)
Once Upon a December

One Step Forward - Video

Online Cool
On The Road Again

On Top of The World - Video

Oops Baby

Outlaw - Video

 - -  - 

1000 Years (Or More)

1159 - Video

1-2-3-4 - Video
1929 - Video
2x2 Mary's Two Step
3 Little Monkeys - Video

50 Ways
634-5789 - Video

70 Years Waltz

Lover, Lover (911)  - Video

A Bitter Lullaby

Above the Moon; Video
AB Sally's Mantra (aka Beer Can't Fix)

Achy Breaky Heart

A Complete Change - Video

A Country Boy's Life

A Country High - Video
Action - Video
Adaptable - Video
A Drink in My Hand - Video
After Midnight - Video
A Gambler's Tale
Agua y Fuego​ - Video
Ah Si - Video

Ain't Misbehavin'; Video
Alabama Slammin - Video
Alabao - Video
Alane - Video

A Little Bit Gypsy - Video

A Little Bit Lit - Video

A Little Bit of Boogie; Video

A Little Bit of Me

A Little Boogie Woogie;Video

A Little Love - Video

A Little Love For All - Video

All Bass No Treble - Video
All For One - Video

All Heaven Allows - Video

All I Can Say - Video
All Jacked Up - Video
All My Ex's - Video
All Over The World - Video

All That Rain - Video

Amame - Video

Amarillo By Morning; Video

American Country Love Song - Video

American Cowboy
American Kids - Video
American Pie

American Stomp

Amor De Hielo
Amor de Rumba; Video
Angel & Corona

Angel Sway

Another Crash & Burn
Another Sunrise

Ant's Dance (The) - Video
Apple Jack
As Good As I Once Was - Video
Askin' Questions - Video
At The Hop - Video
Atomik Polka - Video

Attitude - Video
Autour Du Sapin De Noel

A Walk In The Park  -  Video

A Wind Up - Video

Baby Amame
Baby Belle - Video

Baby Boyfriend

Baby Bubbles - Video
Baby Can Dance

Baby I'm Torn - Video

Baby Likes to Rock It - Video

Babylon - Video

Baby's Radio
Baby Tonight
Back in the Day
Back of The Bus Boogie

Backstreet Attitude

Bad Blood
Bad Girls

Bad Influence
Badonkadonk - Video
Baila Samba Conmigo
Bang Bang
Bard of The Bronx - Video

Barefoot Blue Jean Night - Video
Barefootin' - Video

Be A Light; Video

Beast of Burden
Beautiful Day

Beautiful in My Eyes - Video
Beer Can't Fix (aka Sally's Mantra)

Beer For My Horses - Video

Beer Goggles - Video
Beerman - Video
Before The Devil  - Video
Beginner Rock - Video

Beginner's Jig - Video

Begin to Swing; Video

Be Happy Now - Video
Be Kind; Video

Be My Baby Now
Bethlehem Child - Video

Better Places - Video
Better When I'm Dancin' - Video
Betty Lou's Boogie - Video
Beyond Beautiful

Bicycle Waltz - Video

Big Bang Boogie; Video

Big Big Love
Big Blue Tree -Video
Bite (The)

Bite the Dust - Video
Black Cat Waltz

Black Coffee - Video
Black Dresses - Video
Black Horse - Video
Black Velvet - Video
Blessed  - Video

Bling Bling Cowboy - Video
Blue Ain't Your Color - Video

Blue Cha
Blue Lights Chasing
Blue Night Cha - Video

Blue Note - Video
Blurred Lines
Bobbi with an I - Video
Bobbie Sue
Body Goes Boom!
Body Rock - Video
Bomp (The) - Video
Bomshel Stomp
Bonaparte's Retreat​  - Video

Boogie Woogie Country Man

Boot Scootin' Boogie - Video
Bored - Video

Born in the USA

Bosa Nova; Video
Both - Video

Botox Queen - Video

Box It Up
Brazil; Video
Bread & Butter - Video

Bring On The Good Times - Video

Brokeback Waltz - Video
Broken Heels
(The) Bull - Video


Bump-n-Grind - Video

Busted - Video
But I Do
But It's Only Make-Believe
Butterfly Waltz

Butterfly Waltz to "Venezuela" Video
Buy Me A Drink - Video
Bye Bye Mambo - Video

Caballero​; Video
Cabo Moon; Video

Cabo San Lucas; Video

Cajun Girls & Gumbo
Call A Marine

Can Am Tango
Cannibal Stomp
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You - Video

Can't Tell A Waltz From a Tango - Video
Can I Dance

Caribbean Cowboy; Video
Casanova Cowboy
Catch the Rain

Celtic Jig - Video

Cha Cha Caliente - Video

Cha Cha Cantina - Video
Champagne Promises  - Video

Charleston Twist
Charlie's Touchdown; Video
Cheap Talk
Chicago Bonfire
Chicken Fried - Video
Chicken Walk Jive - Video
Childhood Cha Cha

Chill Factor; Video
Chilly Cha
Chippin' Away

Chukka Chukka

Cinco de Mayo
Clap Clap Clap

Clap Happy - Video
Cliche' Love Song
Coastin - Video
Codigo - Video

Colorado Girl - Video

Come As You Are; Video
Come Dance With Me - Video

Come On Come On

Company C; Video
Cooler Than Cool - Video

Cool Kids

Cool Whip - Video
Copperhead Road - Video
Cotton Eye Joe - Video
Cotton Time - Video

Country Boys Roll - Video
Country Cricket - Video
Country Girl
Country Girl Shake - Video
Country Girls Twerk

Country Hand Jive
(A) Country High - Video
County Fair - Video
Cowboy (The)

Cowboy Cha Cha - Video
Cowboy Charleston; Video

Cowboy For a Night

Cowboy Hustle - Video
Cowboy Up​ - Video

Cowboys Rock

Cowboy Yoddle Song
Cowgirl (The)
Cowgirl's Twist - Video
Crazy Foot Mambo; Video
Crazy Town Craze
Cripple Creek
Crocodile Roll - Video
Crooked Jack - Video
Cruisin - Video
Crystal Touch; Video

Cry To Me - Video
Cupid Shuffle - Video
Cut Me Loose

Cypress Shuffle

Dance For Hope - Video

Dance Like Your Daddy

Dance Like You're the Only ; Video

Dance Monkey; Video

Dancing Cowboys; Video
Dancing in the Dark - Video
Dancing in White

Dancin' The Dust

Dance Tonight - Video

Darling Stand By Me - Video

Dear Future Husband - Video
Delilah - Video

Denver Cha Cha - Video
Designated Drinker

Desperado Wrap - Video
Devil Dance

DHSS - Video
Die a Happy Man

Dig Your Heels - Video

Ding Dang Darn It

Dirty Bit pg. 1
Dirty Bit pg. 2
Dizzy - Video
Dock of the Bay
Doctor, Doctor pg . 1
Doctor, Doctor pg. 2
Doing the Walk - Video

Do It In Line Two Step
Do It Like This

Dominick the Donkey - Video

Don't Feel Like Dancing - Video
Don't Go Out Tonight

Don't Let The Old Man In - Video

Don't Mind If I Do

Double D (Duck Dynasty)
Double or Nothing - Video

Double Shot of Crown - Video
Double XL
Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo - Video
Down & Dirty - Video
Downpour - Video
Down To The Honky Tonk  - Video

Down to The Islands; Video

Down to the River
Do Ya Come From The Land Down Under; Video

Do You Wanna Dance
Dream Lover - Video
Dream On - Video
Drift Away - Video

Drink in My Hand (A) - Video
Drinkin' Wine
Drive By

Drive Me Wild - Video
Duck Soup