Life may not be all you expected,
but while you're here . . .  DANCE!

July "Laughter is The Best Medicine" Marathon Participants

Helping to keep us all laughing are: Shelly, John, Stephie, Caroline, Barb Balogna, Emily, Harriet, Laura Dahl, Char, Judy Via and Takako!

Thank you to you all for giving us something enjoyable to watch and read. You made my days


July "Laughter is The Best Medicine" Marathon Links

Just click on the name of the video / pdf:

St. Patrick's Riverdance Prank

Adorable Daddy's Homecoming Reactions

Senorita: 3 Year Old Dancer

Animals and Water

Piglet Meets Baby Cow

Boogie Storm Star Wars Inspired

Adorable Cat and Dog Best Buds

And this is it for July. In August I am going to try to give you projects / things to do, other

than cleaning the closet for the third time. I hope that you try out some of the things I send

your way and have a good time. 

Sneak Preview: Learn and Try Out 38 Plastic Bottle Life Hacks

Virtual LessonsThe Weekly Lessons that I would normally be teaching each week are posted on the "Weekly Lessons" page along with a link to an Instructional / Demo Video. (Demo is first and is followed by Instructions and count at the end). Links to pdf Step Sheets are on the "Step Sheet" page.

Another Virtual

Dance Option

Ira Weisburd holds classes every Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. (Pacific) and makes them available for viewing on Facebook (select More, and then Videos). 

"Chicken Soup for the Soul" DANCES

Try these out. They might make you feel better. Click on title for Instructional and full length practice video. (Instruction is at the end of the video)

Clap Happy

A Little Love

Be Happy Now

Good Feelings

Line Dance Sundays

Previous Playlists are archived on the Weekly Lessons Page and include active links to demo / instructional videos.

July 12: "Independence Day: Let Freedom Ring" (Dedicated to all men, women and children who have been victims of abuse.) Lessons and Requests are now posted.

August 9, "One and Done": Will be posted Aug. 7


I greatly appreciate all who are helping me through this downtime. Your donations have been so appreciated.  Click Link:

Class Closures due to C-virus

(Upated 7/31)

Fountain Valley and Newport:  Fall classes are cancelled.

 In Person

Line Dance Sunday's

(Updated 7/31)

All lodges are closed for events until further notice. When this changes, I will immediately post the information along with updates regarding the next Line Dance Sunday.

Basic Beginner Steps & Sequences

Just for Beginners that would like to learn the basic vocabulary, steps and sequences. We created a set of four "YouTube" videos to help your beginner friends so they don't have to feel so overwhelmed when they try to join a class without knowing any of the vocabulary. 


Corp. Events, Private PartiesPlease don't forget to give us a call if you, your friends, your company, your relatives, your neighbors, etc. are throwing a party! Gift Certificates available. Parties of any size! Recommendations are much appreciated!