Life may not be all you expected,
but while you're here . . .  DANCE!

June De-Gloom

"Get Up and Move" Challenge

Updated 6/2

The time has come for everyone to get up and start moving. I am challenging our entire dance family to a one month challenge. All you have to do is some form of exercise for 20 minutes each day. It could be walking, riding your bike, running, yoga or, of course, dancing. Please send me your name and let me know you are joining the group. You can start anytime. And we trust you, so you don't have to send videos or any other proof, just your name. 

Our growing team: 

Shelly, Barb Succi, Barb Balogna, Patti Cotton, Judy Via, Laura Dahl, Vickie, John, Stephie, Claire, Dee, Caroline, Char, Laura Homan, Leslie Rudolph, Joni Miles, Chris Aliseo, Bill Ray, Linda Santos, Mellie, Roseann, Ina Gay, Emily, Harriet, Terri Torres, Takako, Maureen, and Terry McMurtrey.


Forms of exercise and suggestions are also rolling in (please share any other ideas you might have; it is so exciting to hear the different things people are doing):

A Classical Stretch t.v. show on PBS stations. (5 or 6 a.m. and channel 25 or 26 on Spectrum)

Leslie Sansone's videos on walking.

Walking in the park.

Dancing in the kitchen.

Royal Canadian Air Force Exercises.

Power walking with my trekking poles. (LOL)

10K step per day goal.

Gardening and Landscape Maintenance.


An Exercise app called Verv.

Working on the harder dances that you don't have time to learn normally.

Walking the dog.

Practicing dances that are posted as weekly lessons.

Walking / Biking / Kayaking

Cardio Dance Videos for those who are dancing and want to get their heart rate up:

Wild Wild West

Walk the Line

Rose Garden

Baby Likes to Rockit


"Chicken Soup for the Soul" DANCES

Try these out. They might make you feel better. Click on title for Instructional and full length practice video.

Faith, Hope and Love (LDF)

Be A Light

Please Stay Home

Be Kind

Stay Inside Stay Alive

Hope you enjoy them and that you find them uplifting!

"Just Dance"

More vids added 5/19

If you have found online lessons a little intimidating, we have your solution. Check out the new tab "JUST DANCE." You will find links to some of your favorite, classic line dances with a full length (that means the whole song) video, with the count-in (thank you John) to get you started in the right place and someone to follow (thank you, Stephie) who is actually facing the same way as you. (Most also have instructions with and without the count at the end, just in case you need a little reminder.)


See "Line Dance Sunday" tab for a full Dance Party To Go!

June LD Sunday

Lessons and Requests will be posted 6/12. May is still posted on the LD Sunday page.

Dance like nobody is watching!

Class Closures due to C-virus

(Upated 5/29)

Fountain Valley and Newport: Classes will NOT open for Summer Session but current plans are to open for Fall Session the end of August

I will post any changes / updates here and will notify everyone via our newsletter. If you do not currently receive our newsletter but would like to, please use the "Contact Us" page to provide us with your email address and request to be added to the mailing list.

Please view the weekly lessons page of this site for Youtube lessons that you can do at home.

I will be praying for everyone and hope to dance with you again soon. 

Online Lessons

Please view the "Weekly Lessons" page of this site. You will find all the dances that I would normally be teaching in each class along with a link to a YouTube lesson that you can follow at home. On the "Step Sheet" page you can find and print out a pdf of the step sheet for each dance.

Keep Dancing!"And the people stayed home. And . . . some danced. . . " -- Kitty O'Meara
Share Your Thoughts

I find myself being far less wasteful than I was before. I hope that this will become a habit

that I will carry with me beyond the days of this crisis. Please email me something 

positive that you have changed or embraced so that I can share with everyone. All will

be shared anonymously. See ongoing list below. Send to

Positive Outcomes


1. I am doing much better at not being wasteful.

2. I have cleaned out every drawer and cupboard in my house.

3. Finally I am getting to all the books I have been wanting to read but just never found time.

4. Meeting my neighbors on walks.

5. Remembering what it is like to immerse myself in a good book.

6. Appreciating the little things.

7. I learned how to deposit checks using my cell phone.

8. Planted a bunch of garlic cloves. 

9. A new sense of community. "We are in this togetherness"

10. Time to view the really funny videos that people send me.

11. I have learned that I don't love to dance, run or eat; I love to dance, run and eat with friends.

12. It seems that many things that I always rushed to get done today, can actually be done tomorrow!

 In Person

Line Dance Sunday's

(Updated 5/29)

All lodges are closed for events until further notice. When this changes, I will immediately post the information along with updates regarding the next Line Dance Sunday. A Virtual Line Dance Sunday for May is now posted! June will be posted 6/12. See Line Dance Sunday page. Lesson Schedules for previous Virtual LD Sunday events can be found on the Weekly Lessons page.

Wear a name badge and receive 2 raffle tickets. If you would like to purchase a "Doitinlinedancers" name badge, they are $5.50 each and any of the participating teachers can collect the money and transmit the order to us. All orders to be delivered at the following Line Dance Sunday. 

Special for first-timers will be extended indefinitely. For anyone who has never attended before, the entry fee will be $5. AND the same special rate will be available to all "Support-Humans." (All non-dancers who may want to accompany you to the event.)

Normal Calendar

​(Postponed until further notice)

Mondays - Newport Marina Park Comm Ctr., 1:30-2:30, Basic Beginner Line Dance with Instructor Barb Succi

Tuesdays - FV Rec Center, 7-9 p.m. -  Easy Intermediate / Intermediate with easy tweeners. Register at

Tuesdays - FV Senior Center, 1-2:30 p.m.,  Level 2. 

Register online at or on site at the senior center.

Thursdays - Newport Oasis Senior Center, 1-4 p.m.,  Levels 1, 2 & 3. 

Register online:  (search "line" or

register on site at 801 Narcissus Ave., Corona Del Mar, CA or at Newport Marina Park Community Center.

Thursdays - Newport Marina Park Comm Ctr., 6:00-7:30 p.m., Basic Beginner Line Dance with Instructor Barb Succi 

Fridays - Newport Marina Park Comm Center, all levels, all walk-throughs and lessons.

Walk-ins $16 and always welcome. Register online (same as above) or register on site at 1600 West Balboa Blvd., Newport 92663.

Line Dance Sundays -  Every Second Sunday of the Month

Field Trips

Saturday, May 30th - San Diego Social CANCELLED

Friday Nights

(postponed until 

further notice)

Please join us from 6:30-9:30 at Newport Marina Park Community Center,

1600 West Balboa Blvd., Newport 92663. Parking is free after 6 p.m. You must register either online or on site. Drop in rate is $16 per person on site. Discounted rate if your register for the full session. You can register on site or online at: Link To Register

Format is primarily walk-throughs (short or long as needed) with one lesson per night. If you have a dance you want to do and don't need a walk-through, they will be played during the "teacher" breaks. 30 minutes of requests (no walk-throughs) from 9-9:30.

Please submit your walk-through requests by Saturday a.m. for the next Fri. 


Guest Policy: If a non-dancer wants to accompany you, they can attend without charge but must sign in with us as a guest. If they decide later that they would like to dance, then they will need to register for the class. 

There is no smoking within 100 feet of the building. 

Shoe Sliders


Leather Soles

If you would like to order a set (or two or three) of the sliders that many of us are putting on our sneakers, please contact: Connie Sutcliffe, 510.888.9777; or search for Dance Sliders on ebay. These cover the toe of your shoe and slip securely around the heel of your shoe to hold them in place. They are very durable. 

The shoe sliders have felt on the sole which works very well on most dance floors BUT they do not work very well on carpet or tacky floors. HOWEVER, I have found a fix.

I took my sliders to Center Shoe Repair and he sewed a leather patch onto the sole of each slider. Wore them line dance Sunday where I have to dance most of the time on a carpeted stage and they worked perfectly. He charges $9.00 per slider; $18 for the set. 

714.842.4690; 8870 Warner Ave. (at Magnolia in same mall as Smart & Final), Fountain Valley.

Next Virtual


June 14

Extra Raffle Ticket



Line Dance Sunday at the Huntington Beach Elks Lodge
1:30-6:00 p.m.      $10 per person

June Theme: Virtual Vacation

Lots of fun at a level that everyone can dance!

Raffle drawing after the last lesson of the day for a Free Entry

to any Line Dance Sunday in the future.

Also we would love to see some new faces at our "traditional" after party.

Reservations are at 6:30 at Mimi's,  18461 Brookhurst St.,

Fountain Valley 92798 (714.964.2533). Hope to see you there.

(Please sign up on the entry table by 4 p.m. so that we can accurately

adjust our reservation.) 

Plus after all the lessons are over we have a few "theme" related

dances from the past that we will dance with a floor leader to help us out.

No walk-through but someone who has prepared to lead us.

You may also want to brush up on these dances ahead of time. 

Late Afternoon Dances with virtual Floor Leader:


Amarillo by Morning

Louisiana Sailor

Above the Moon

*Click on name of dance for instructional video

Extreme Beginner Friendly Format progressing to more difficult dances later in the afternoon

after all the lessons are done!

You are welcome to bring your own snacks but all drinks, including bottled water, must be purchased from the lodge bar. 




Basic Beginner Steps & Sequences

Just for Beginners that would like to learn the basic vocabulary, steps and sequences. We created a set of four "YouTube" videos to help your beginner friends so they don't have to feel so overwhelmed when they try to join a class without knowing any of the vocabulary. 


Corp. Events, Private PartiesPlease don't forget to give us a call if you, your friends, your company, your relatives, your neighbors, etc. are throwing a party! Gift Certificates available. Parties of any size! Recommendations are much appreciated!