Life may not be all you expected,
but while you're here . . .  DANCE!

Super Special


Tues, Oct. 9

What a great time we had dancing with Julia Wetzel! Such a charming, beautiful lady and graceful dancer. 

Fall Calendar

Friday, Oct., 12- Nov. 9 - Next session at Newport Marina Community Center, 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Friday, Oct. 26 - Halloween Party at Newport Marina. "Dance Title" costume contest and parade plus a Trick or TREAT table. Everyone is welcome. Walk-in registrations are welcome. Non-dancing friends are welcome without paying.

Monday, Oct. 29 - New session for Beginner and Improver Line Dance classes at Newport Marina Community Center, 1:30-3:30 p.m.

Sunday, Nov. 11 - Line Dance Sunday. "Count Your Blessings"

Saturday, Nov. 24 - Field Trip to San Diego Social with DJ Bubba

Friday, Oct. 26

Very Special

Halloween Party!

At Newport Marina Community Center, 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Costume contest for dressing like one of the following dance titles:

Gypsy Queen, Wanna Be Elvis, If I Wuz U, Come As You Are, Caribbean Cowboy, Dancing Cowboys, Gravedigger, Louisiana Sailor, Mamma Maria, Outlaw, Redneck Angel, Weekend Girl, Bad Girls, Fireman, and Linda Lu.

AND after we award prizes to everyone who dresses like these titles and special prizes to the best and wackiest representations, we will have a walk-through and dance them all plus a few more. 

And don't forget to bring some treats for our Mostly Treats Table. 

Everyone is welcome. Walk-in, one night registrations are welcome. 

Friday Nights

Please join us from 6:30-9:30 at Marina Park Community Center,

1600 West Balboa Blvd., Newport 92663. Parking is free after 6 p.m. You must register either online or on site. Drop in rate is $20 per person on site. Discounted rate if your register for the full session. You can register on site or online at: Link To Register

Format is primarily walk-throughs (short or long as needed) with one lesson per night. If you have a dance you want to do and don't need a walk-through, they will be played during the "teacher" breaks.

Please submit your dance requests by Saturday a.m. for the next Fri. 


New Guest Policy: If a non-dancer wants to accompany you, they can attend without charge but must sign in with us as a guest. If they decide later that they would like to dance, then they will need to register for the class. 

"Break" Dances for 10/19:

Goin Hamm, A Bitter Lullaby, No Excuses, Blue Note, Time To Swing, VIP.

If you requested one of these dances, try to brush up on them so that you can lead the floor.

Food and drinks are available at the adjacent restaurant or you can bring food with you but must be eaten at the tables on the patio or in the lobby. Bottled drinks are welcome inside the dance room.

There is no smoking within 100 feet of the building. 

This will be a work in progress and will be modified as needed to meet the needs of everyone.

Everyone is asked every Friday for requests so come on out and get your requests on the list.

Check-out our play lists:

080318     091418

081018     092118

081718     092818

082418     100518

083118     101218


Shoe SlidersIf you would like to order a set (or two or three) of the sliders that many of us are putting on our sneakers, please contact: Connie Sutcliffe, 510.888.9777; or search for Dance Sliders on ebay. These cover the toe of your shoe and slip securely around the heel of your shoe to hold them in place. They are very durable. 
Lesson Night
Fountain Valley
Rec Center

This session Ends Oct. 23

Next session begins Oct. 30

7-9 p.m. in the Parkview Room.

Registration available on line or in person at the Rec Center.

Next LineDanceSunday
Nov. 11

Line Dance Sunday at the Huntington Beach Elks Lodge
1:30-6:00 p.m.      $10 per person

Our Theme is "Count Your Blessings." 

Lots of fun at a level that everyone can dance!

Raffle drawing after the last lesson of the day for a Free Entry

to any Line Dance Sunday in the future.

Also we would love to see some new faces at our "traditional" after party (change of venue).

Reservations are at 6:30 at Marie Callendars, 18889 Brookhurst St.,

Fountain Valley 92708 (714.963.6791). Hope to see you there. (Please sign up on the entry table

by 4 p.m. so that we can accurately adjust our reservation.) DINNER was GREAT in October!

Plus after all the lessons are over we have a few "theme" related

dances from the past that we will dance with a floor leader to help us out.

No walk-through but someone who has prepared to lead us.

You may also want to brush up on these dances ahead of time. 

Late Afternoon Dances with Floor Leaders:


Extreme Beginner Friendly Format progressing to more difficult dances later in the afternoon

after all the lessons are done!

You are welcome to bring your own snacks but all drinks, including bottled water, must be purchased from the lodge bar. 

Click Here for the 10/14 Lesson Schedule

Next schedule will be posted on or before Nov. 10



Friday, Oct. 26 - Halloween Party, Costume Contest / Parade and Trick or TREAT table at Newport Marina Community Center. Walk-in one-night registrations okay and non-dancing guests are free.

Basic Beginner Steps & Sequences
Just for Beginners that would like to learn the basic vocabulary, steps and sequences. We created a set of four "YouTube" videos to help your beginner friends so they don't have to feel so overwhelmed when they try to join a class without knowing any of the vocabulary. 


Special Events
Please don't forget to give us a call if you, your friends, your company, your relatives, your neighbors, etc. are throwing a party! Gift Certificates available. Parties of any size! Recommendations are much appreciated!