​​​​​Lessons and Requests - June 2020
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A Huge Thank You to John & Stephie for providing us with all our dance videos!

Request: Islands in the Stream; "The Galapagos Islands"
Request: Brazil; "Secret Brazil: Jaguar, The King of the Pantanal" and

                  "Secret Brazil: Amazing​ Aquatic Wildlife"
     Lesson: Leaving On A Jet Plane; "Peter, Paul & Mary: 25th Anniversary Concert"
Request: Dance Monkey; "Dance Monkey, Baby Dance"
     Lesson: Hawaiian Pearl; "Telling Warrior Stories With Hula"
Request: La Fiesta Cubana"RARE Cuban Village Food"
     Lesson: All Over The World; "E.L.O. Electric Light Orchestra"
Request: Rio; "Rio Carnival 2020, Floats and Dancers"
     Lesson: Toes; "5 Most Unique Beaches in The World"
Request: So Just Dance Dance Dance; "Bee Gees, You Should Be Dancing"
     Lesson: A Wind Up; "Jamaica Street Food and Market Tour"
Request: Simple As Can Be; "People Fail Simple Trivia Questions"
     Lesson: Rocket To The Sun; "10 Most Powerful Space Rocket Launches Ever"
Request: El Paso Cha Cha; "El Paso Stuffed Potato for Diners, Drive-ins & Dives"
     Lesson: To the Moon; "Apollo 11: Landing on The Moon"
Request: Wild Wild West; "Top 10 Crazy Characters From the Wild West"
     Lesson: Fishin' In The Dark; "Gordon Ramsay's Top 5 Fish Recipes"
Request: Cowboy Up; "How To Make Cowboy Coffee"
     Lesson: A Walk In The Park; "Redwood National Park: 4K Virtual Hike"
Request: Caribbean Cowboy; "Best Documentary History of Port Royal Underwater Cities"
     Lesson: Home Again; "Kane Brown, Homesick, Tribute to Armed Forces"
Late Afternoon Leader Dances
Request: Galway Girls; "Ireland, Galway City"
Request: Havana Cha; "Havana, Cuba in 4K"
     Lesson: Louisiana Sailor; "How to Boil Crawfish: Louisiana Recipe"
Request: Bethlehem Child; "Tour of Modern-Day Bethlehem" and "Arabic Feast in Bethlehem"
Request:  Cabo San Lucas; "The Famous 'Pancho the Sea Lion' From Cabo San Lucas" 
     Lesson: Amarillo By Morning; "Cadillac Ranch on Route 66 in Amarillo, Texas"
Request: Ipanema Girl; "Walking Tour of Ipanema Beach, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil"
Request: Alabama Slammin'; "White Sauce (Alabama) vs. Comeback Sauce (Miss.)"
     Lesson: Motorboatin'; "Motorboatin' Lake Lure" and "Best Pontoon Failure Compilation"
Request: Tush Push; "Krysten Ritter Teaches Conan the Tush Push"
Request: Skiffle Time; "Jive Aces Stage Show" and "Ukelele Tutorial"
     Lesson: Above The Moon; "Jumping From Space: Red Bull Space Dive"
Request: Nothing But You; "Leaving Austin 'Nothing But You' Official Lyric Video"

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" . . . Some meditated, some prayed, some danced . . ." Kitty O'Meara