East to West 17

Easy Nights

Eighteen Lonely Months
El Paso Cha Cha
Electric Slide
Eternal Secret
Even Looser
Ex's and Oh's
Extreme Love
Eyes For You

Fairy Tales & Love Songs . . .

Falling For You

Fall In Love
Fancy Footwork
Fast Forward
Fiesta Cha-Cha
Final Fantasy

Finally Friday
"Fireball" (Moving Hips)

Fire on Ice
Fireman (Tahoe Twist)
Fishin' In the Dark

Fitzpatrick's Reel
(The) Flute
Fly Like A Bird
For This Moment

Four on the Floor
Frankie Fever
Fresh Coat of Paint

Friday Night
Full Tilt Boogie
Funky Slide

Galway Girls
Gambler's Tale (A)

Georgia Peach

Get Down the Fiddle

Get Trashed
Ghost Riders
Ghost Train
Gin & Tonic

Girl Crush
Girl Crush_Jones_Improver
Give It Away
Go Go Go Go
Go Jaded
God Blessed Texas
Goin' Hamm
Good Time
Good Time Girls

Good Time Rock & Roll
Go Shanty

Got a Hole in My Pocket

Great Balls of Fire
Groovy Love

Gypsy Queen

Half Past Nothin'
Happy, Happy, Happy

Hard Work
Have You Ever Seen the Rain
Hawaiian Pearl

Head in The Sky

Head Over Boots
Hell Yeah
Here Comes Love
Here For a Good Time
Hey Girl
Hey Mambo

Hey Senorita AB

Hey Stranger

Hey Y'all
Hi A Ma Cha
High Class
High Cotton
Highway Number Nine
Hillbilly Dirty Dance
His Only Need
Hit the Floor
Holy Cowgirl
Honey I'm Good
Honky Tonk Twist
Hot & Hazy

House Party
Hotdog Boogie (The)
Hurt Me Carefully
Husbands And Wives 
Husbands and Wives-partners

I Can't Unlove You
I Don't Look Good
If I Wuz You

I Know A Guy
I Love Me Most

I Love This Town
I'm A Tornado
I'm No Good pg 1
I'm No Good pg 2
I'm Yours
In or Out

I Run To You
Irish Polka
Irish Pub EZ

Irish Stew
Is It Friday Yet?
Islands In The Stream
Isle of Paradise
It Ain't My Fault

It's Hard to Be a Hippie
I Won't Back Down

Jai' du Boogie
Jailhouse Creole
Jamaica Farewell
Jingle Bell Rock
Jingle My Bells

Johnny Got A Boom Boom
Join the Queue
Jose Cuervo
Jukebox Jump

Just Another Woman

Just Dance
Just For Fun
Just Have Faith
Just LeDoux It
Just Pretend

Keep It Burnin
Kelly's Eye
Key Lime
Kickin' Back 2013
Killing Me Softly
Kinda Busy

Larger Than Life
Lay Low
Leaving of Liverpool
Left Right Left
Let It Swing

Let's Have A Party
Let The Good Times Roll

Let the Little Girl Dance

Like Coca Cola in Hollywood

Linda Lu
Lindy Shuffle
Little Mr P.I.D.
Little Red Book
Little White Lies

Lonely Drum

Louisiana Hot Sauce
Louisiana Sailor
Louisiana Swing
Love & Party
Love Done Gone-Baby Bubbles
Love Like Thunder

Love Me LIke You Do
Love Me or Leave Me

Love Potion No. 9

Love Remains

Lover, Lover
Love's Gonna Make It
Love Will Keep

Love You Forever

Madhouse to The Max
Madly Off in All Directions
Mairi's Wedding

Make It Up
Making Waves
Mama's Red Saloon

Mamma Maria

Mambo Rock
Martini Time
Me and My Gang
Merry Christmas

Midnight Rendevous-couples
Midnight Rendevous
Mike's Waltz

Miller Magic
Mojo rhythm
Momma, It's My Soul

Move A Like
Moving Hips

Mr. In-Between
Mr. Mysterious
Mr Put It Down
Mr. Sandman (see Mr. Santa)

Mr. Santa

Mucara Walk
My Maria
My Mother My Teacher My Friend

My New Life

Nancy Mulligan

Neutron Dance
Never Ever

New York 2 LA
New York, New York
No Excuses

No News
No  Rhyme, No Reason
North Hills Country Cha
Not Like That
No Vacancies

Oh Carol

OK (MRZ 2018)

Old Beach Roller Coaster
O.M.D. (Oh My Darling)
Once Upon a December
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Online Cool
On The Road Again

Oops Baby


Step Sheets

Click on the name of the dance and the step sheet will appear in a new window so that you can view and / or print it.

Palomino Stroll
Party Like Cowboys
People Are Crazy
Please Come Back
Poker Face
Por Ti Sere

Pot of Gold pg 1
Pot of Gold pg 2
Power Jam
Private Affair
Put the Gun Down

Quarter After One
Quarter After One Beginner

Rain Against My Window
Razor Sharp pg 1
Razor Sharp pg 2
Ready to Roll
Rebel Amor
Red Bandana
Red Hot Salsa
Redneck Angel
Rednex Stomp
Red Solo Cup
Reggae Cowboy
Reggae Roads
Riding Double
Rio De Amor
Rita's Waltz

Rivers of Babylon
Rock and Roll Cowboy Contra
Rock and Roll Music

Rock & Roll King
Rock Around the Clock
Rock It (Baby Likes to . . )
Rock Paper Scissors
Rock Your Body
Rolling in the Deep
Rose From the Sea

Rose Garden
Runaround Sue

Russian Roulette

S.B.S. (Shuffle Boogie Soul)
Saddle Up Shawty
Sadie's Dress
Say Grace
School Days

Scrap It!

Senorita Sway
Sexy Cha-Cha
Sexy Night

Shake It Off
Shake the Room
She Bangs pg 1
She Bangs pg 2
She Loves Me
Shuttin Detroit Down

Silent Night EZ

Silver Lining
Simple As Can Be


Singalong Song
Slappin Leather
Slowly Gently Softly

Slow Rain
So Just Dance Dance Dance
Someday, Someway
Something in the Water
Somewhere in My Car
Soul Shine Pizza

Spicy Tango Del Rio
Stay Strong

Stealing the Best

Still Love Me Tomorrow
Stomp Like Hell

Storybook Endings
Stray Cat Strut
Stroll Along Cha Cha
Stuck Like Glue
Such A Fool

Sugar, Sugar
Summer Sway

Summer Wind
Sundown Waltz
Sun Will Rise

Supersonic Dancer

Surf's Up

Sway Me Now pg1
Sway Me Now pg2
Sweet Caroline

Sweeter Than Molasses
Sweetheart Schottische pg 1
Sweetheart Schottische pg 2
Swingin' Home

Swingin in the Rain
Swing Time Boogie

T.G.I.F. pg 1
T.G.I.F. pg 2
Tahoe Twist (Fireman)
Take It Easy
Take Me Down

Take Me To The River

Tango Cha
Tell The World
Ten Rounds
Ten Step
Thanks A Lot
That Ceiling Feeling

The Bite
(The) Bomp
(The) Cowboy
(The) Flute
(The) Hotdog Boogie
Them Girls
(The) Sailors Hornpipe

(The) Voice of Soul
(The) Walk
They Call Me The Breeze
Thousands of Songs
Through the Fire
Throw Away The Key
Throw Back Swing

Ticket to The Blues
Time to Surrender

Time To Swing
Tina Time
Tired of Being Sorry
Together Forever Valentine

To The Back
Tough Love
Trailer Chicks
Triple J

Trust Me
Tulsa Shuffle
Turn Me Loose
Tush Push pg 1
Tush Push pg 2
Twisted Sister
Twist Twist Twist
Two Step Rescue
Two Timing Man

Unchain My Heart
Under the Moon of Love
Under The Sun
Uno, Dos, Tres
Until Dawn

Until Good Gets Here

Uptown Funk


Voice of Soul (The)
Volcano pg 1
Volcano pg 2
Voodoo Jive

Wagon Wheel Rock
Walk (The)
Walk Alone
Walk the Line
Walking Backwards Together
Waltzing at Twilight
Wake Up Little Susie
Wakey Wakey
Wandering Hearts

Wanna Be Elvis
Watch It Burn
Watermelon Crawl
Wave on Wave
We Danced
Weekend Girl
Well Do Ya?
We No Speak Americano
We On Fire
We Only Live Once
We Wanna Dance
When I'm 64

When You Wish Upon A Star
Whiskey in the Jar
White Lollipop

Wild, Wild West
Wish I Was

Without Fire
Wonderful Spring
Wonderland Waltz
Woo Woo

Workin' For a Livin
Work, Work

WOW Tokyo
Wrong Side Slide
WTF-What The France

X Y Z 

Yes You Won't
You Don't Know Love

You Got That Thang!
You Look Good

Your Side of Town
Zing Went the Strings

Zjozzy's Funk

1000 Years (Or More)


2x2 Mary's Two Step
50 Ways

Lover, Lover (911)

A Bitter Lullaby

Above the Moon
Achy Breaky Heart

A Complete Change

A Country Boy's Life

A Country High
A Drink in My Hand
After Midnight
A Gambler's Tale
Agua y Fuego

Ah Si
Ain't Misbehavin'
Alabama Slammin
A Little Bit Gypsy

A Little Bit Lit

A Little Bit of Me

A Little Boogie Woogie

A Little Love For All

All Bass No Treble
All Heaven Allows

All I Can Say
All Jacked Up
All My Ex's
Amarillo By Morning

American Country Love Song

American Cowboy
American Kids
American Pie

American Stomp

Amor De Hielo
Amor de Rumba
Angel Sway

Another Crash & Burn
Ant's Dance
Apple Jack
As Good As I Once Was
Askin' Questions
At The Hop
Atomik Polka
Autour Du Sapin De Noel

Baby Amame
Baby Boyfriend

Baby Bubbles
Baby Can Dance

Baby's Radio
Baby Tonight
Back in the Day
Back of The Bus Boogie

Bad Blood
Bad Girls

Bad Influence
Baila Samba Conmigo
Bang Bang
Barefoot Blue Jean Night

Beast of Burden
Beautiful in My Eyes
Beer Goggles
Before The Devil
Be Happy Now
Be My Baby Now
Better Places
Better When I'm Dancin'
Betty Lou's Boogie
Beyond Beautiful

Bicycle Waltz
Big Big Love
Big Blue Tree
Bite (The)
Bite the Dust
Black Coffee
Black Dresses
Black Horse
Black Velvet
Bling Bling Cowboy
Blue Ain't Your Color

Blue Cha
Blue Lights Chasing
Blue Night Cha

Blue Note
Blurred Lines
Bobbi with an I
Bobbie Sue
Body Goes Boom!
Body Rock
Bomp (The)
Bomshel Stomp
Boogie Woogie Country Man

Boot Scootin' Boogie

Born in the USA

Bosa Nova
Botox Queen
Box It Up
Bread & Butter
Bring On The Good Times

Brokeback Waltz
Broken Heels

But I Do
But It's Only Make-Believe
Butterfly Waltz
Buy Me A Drink
Bye Bye Mambo

Cajun Girls & Gumbo
Can Am Tango
Cannibal Stomp
Can't Tell A Waltz From a Tango
Cabo San Lucas
Can I Dance

Caribbean Cowboy
Casanova Cowboy
Catch the Rain
Cha Cha Cantina
Cha Cha Caliente
Champagne Promises

Charleston Twist
Charlie's Touchdown
Cheap Talk
Chicago Bonfire
Chicken Fried
Chicken Walk Jive
Chill Factor
Chilly Cha
Chippin' Away

Cinco de Mayo
Clap Clap Clap

Clap Happy
Cliche' Love Song
Colorado Girl

Come As You Are
Come Dance With Me

Come On Come On

Company C
Cool Whip
Copperhead Road
Cotton Eye Joe
Cotton Time

Country Boys Roll
Country Cricket
Country Girl
Country Girl Shake
Country Girls Twerk

Country Hand Jive
(A) Country High
County Fair
Cowboy (The)
Cowboy Cha Cha Pg 1
Cowboy Cha Cha Pg 2
Cowboy Charleston

Cowboy For a Night

Cowboy Hustle
Cowboy Up
Cowboy Charleston

Cowboy Yoddle Song
Cowgirl (The)
Cowgirl's Twist
Crazy Foot Mambo
Crazy Town Craze
Cripple Creek
Crocodile Roll
Crooked Jack
Cry To Me
Cupid Shuffle
Cypress Shuffle

Dance Like Your Daddy

Dance Like You're the Only

Dancing Cowboys
Dancing in the Dark
Dancing in White

Dancin' The Dust

Dance Tonight

Darling Stand By Me

Dear Future Husband

Denver Cha Cha
Desperado Wrap
Devil Dance

Die a Happy Man
Dig Your Heels

Ding Dang Darn It

Dirty Bit pg. 1
Dirty Bit pg. 2
Dock of the Bay
Doctor, Doctor pg . 1
Doctor, Doctor pg. 2
Doing the Walk

Do It In Line Two Step
Do It Like This

Dominick the Donkey

Don't Feel Like Dancing
Don't Mind If I Do

Double D (Duck Dynasty)
Double Shot of Crown
Double XL
Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo
Down & Dirty
Down to the River
Do You Wanna Dance
Dream Lover
Dream On
Drift Away

Drink in My Hand (A)
Drinkin' Wine
Drive By
Drive Me Wild
Duck Soup